Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

A step out of my home and out into the endless wild
A few steps out into the streets from my home and here I was into the wild,
The dust, the dusky acid rain, the smoke filled cloud and the sky so mild,
I wished things turned back a few years,
But I couldn’t imagine beyond my infant tears.
Now the urban journey began
Facing the whirlwind crowd
I felt like a man
Seeing rag pickers and begging hand
Forward I marched away from such hapless scene
Walking past stones and heap of pelted bone
The dogs chewed but people had thrown
Good things I wished, seeing such horrendous scenes I mean
Stepping each foot into the muddy road
I started walking slowly, more like in stealth mode
Still I wetted my pants with dripping slob
Yet I couldn’t avoid the teenage heartthrob
Wall posters of movies and lyrics of discriminatory song
Are these for good or do they represent all things wrong?
Then I turned my head to seek a better path
And I saw street vendors and heard loud voices