Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

The gloomy night takes away all my cheer,
Giving back my tears of fear,
I walk past the glory days,
You see sun shining but not the shining rays.
I feel the same, I ask my name,
I forget I am sun a man, who has a certain plan,
Wondering if my tomorrow has both money and fame,
Then I realize I am just thinking about a dream forgetting I am getting a sun tan.
No wonder I felt the heat,
No wonder I saw the sky,
No wonder I felt the air,
No wonder mines the only story I hear.
I just realize I am depressed thinking about what is and what should be,
I was standing in the open air dreaming about a unforeseen future,
I am talking about you all; this isn’t a story about only me,
This could be anyone who is old but his mind is not mature.
Then I again sing,
Long long days away,
Swaying past the paved way,
I walk away from the sun’s ray,
I wonder if today is my glory day.