Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Déjà vu
I am back to those days,
Caught between awkward black and blue,
Haven’t lived it before,
Yet it feels like déjà vu
Like the morning sun hiding behind the monsoon clouds,
I can’t help feeling shadowed unwillingly,
I run around the bush like wind trying to find a way through,
Yet I can’t seem to find the way out, the one that I knew.
I look at the sky trapped between the clouds and the ground,
Wondering if I’ll ever be free and if I can escape from the route I found,
I feel the air playing freely in the same sky,
And think I am the same, seeing similarity between the sky and I.
Long long days away,
Swaying past the paved way,
I walk away from the sun’s ray,
I wonder if today is my glory day.
I see that I am back to those days,
I am walking past the same phase,
Times not right, my life is on devil’s path,
Looking at the night, I ask if it could be god’s wrath,