Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Lie to me, Lie to him,
But never to the picture that I see in your eyes,
Cry to me, cry to him,
Not too keen to reach out and share, you seem.
May be I am too bland,
May be you’re like sand,
Blowing into my face,
While trying to grip tight, slipping slowing off my hand.
May be I am just a passerby,
Just that you happened to come nearby,
And before I could get a grip on you, to feel you,
You’re already there, waiting to bid goodbye.
May be I am not right,
Never was, never will and never could,
May be slowly I am to move out of sight,
To fall for you was for me and not your plight.
I was here, will be here, could be nowhere,
But then you have to reach out to hold me and swear,
Falling back into that same stair,
Would be a sight I could never bare to stare because there is too much about you that I care.