Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

My Disturbed Youth Speaks for itself: Part I (2003)
All hail to the guardian of all angels, with all your wits and power,
Release all the crucified souls from their misery,
Their life is reluctant like the sweet smell of flower,
Days of darkness, memories sweet and sour,
Path full of mystery, journey is destiny devour,
In life preachers of darkness, sow seeds of lust to lie, every hour.
Infuriated souls awakened from the graves,
None witnessed but stories heard a lot of the so called braves,
Where are they now? Their souls have become god's slaves.
Shrills of scornful mourns weakened by thrilled souls,
Echoes heard through eternal holes,
Experience is spine chilling; ghosts have been drooling in the minds of the intergalactic assholes.
Lifeless monster wandering in the empty isle,
Like air imprisoned in hollow space,
Spirits leak out stranded running a bare mile.
Enter the doomed forest of stars, the door's left a jar,
Would you like to come in with a smile?
Suffocating the secrets, truth is in denial?