Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Hold me, Touch me, Feel me, Conceal me
Cool pool of love and lust protruding through the beautiful jeweled body robust,
Looking at you for divine pleasures, I think I am losing control,
Crushed beneath your eyes with pleasure,
Your lips talk with lusty measure.
With eyes set on you, my senses run berserk on my feelings,
Thoughts of adulterated fun mounts on my beak.
Your body oozes feeling of heinous freak,
Entice me with your bosom; I want to hear your shriek.
A glowing fair skin, smooth and silky,
If given a chance, I do you without any cliché of love and lust
It isn't a matter of trust now,
I want your booty to satiate my thrust.
I want to come to you; I want to feel you,
I want to come inside you to feel the softness of your caressing feel,
Wished I was there holding you with strength that I never knew,
I had in me; to be with would have all my wounds to heal.
Hold me,
Touch me,
Feel me,
Conceal me.