Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Things changed for good I thought,
Feelings inside me that I had fought,
To come this far, to get over you,
I just realized there is some life left in you.
I am still poetic, I am still romantic,
This poetic romanticism will leave me in tears,
Fears like these still hover around me- the villain and the lover,
Familiar jingles, of that old story that no one else hears.
I am done with this torture,
I am done with this creature,
Let me go, let me be free,
I ask her for mercy.
But it seems it is only my dilemma,
She was long gone, leaving behind this love struck Romeo in trauma,
So what is it that I am fighting?
So what is it that I am writing?
These two questions are still unanswered,
I regret numerous opportunities that I squandered,
I am left with this regret, regret of not holding your hand when I could have,
I didn't know you had such a secret, one that not even you could tell and or should I ask if you have.