Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

One that changes my life's perception,
One that doesn't need logical reasoning for inception.
Every day I ask myself, why I write,
I write because writing satiates my thirst for creativity,
That guides me to eternal light,
My life has been full of false glo rious moments,
Writing depicts those moments,
Brings out a true me that defies my acquired insanity.
Profound knowledge gained every day,
I put words to papers, as simple as I try to make them,
Complexity is inherent to those writings,
Then I realize, everything didn't go my way.
As the gods of literature say,
Every creation is not a master piece,
Every creation is not your best,
Yet you wake up every day, itching to write and have words pave your way,
Yet you walk through the glory of sun and moon, thinking where you lost your mindful of peace,
Wondering why you are going to sleep, without getting to say, what you wrote today is your best, better than all
of the rest.
Thoughts like these hover underneath my bed,
When I put my hand underneath my pillow, to reach for my pen,
What inspires me to write is yet another mystery,