Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

A Day
I look for inspiration to write every day,
Inspiration comes in one particular way,
Every day it is the same,
Every day it is not very lame,
One day it is to find my true identity,
The other is a way to find my real goal,
Yet depression my friend is the biggest inspiration I feed off,
I write because I have smoldering passion ready to ooze out,
Every other day you have to find the inspiration,
And at times it can be really tough,
I ask myself what to write about?
A voice speaks and says write about every minute sensation.
Senses flow wild, my brain becomes a prodigy child,
People ask me why I write,
I ask them why people fly kite,
Simple, it sets my soul free,
Just like a incarcerated bird wants to be,
High above the sky, there plays a channel full of theories for me,
Theories talk to me, yet I find them intriguing,
Because they are not regular theories,
They're inspiring; they awaken my soul and sing songs for me,