Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Lost in my memories
Lost my mind, lost in the shadows of my childhood memories,
There it comes, waiting for the evergreen sun,
Now your voices lay low, the voices which once told me countless stories,
Remember the time, when you ran after me and I ran around just for fun.
Out came a gust of wind, throwing away my favorite toys,
Still you held me there, and I looked up into your eyes with all of world's joys,
Then came a day, I had grown out of your shadow,
Dawned a new day, I am the one whom you and even the roses will follow.
Drawing a line between teen and youth, marching forward through endless days,
Shining through were those countless rays, that was a wonderful time, my life's golden phase,
There you were, asking for my hand,
As I laid down the memories of the sunny days.
Lost amidst the beautiful roses, I saw nothing but merely some rusty foes,
Then I found the lost glory when I saw my sunshine telling me another of such glorious stories,
Sunshine, she's mine, as I call her, my sunshine's fine,
This moonshine will guide you through rusty times, walking alone even with such dusty toes.
Now I say, as I lost sight of her, after I saw her walking out of here,
I weep remembering my divine mother,
Lost you and then I lost her, this was my biggest fear,
This could be my last and then I will never bother.