Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Holding Back
May be I am not the one you’re looking for,
May be I am not the right one you’re feeling for,
May be I am not the sight you’re seeking for,
May be I am not the light you’re looking for.
I am but a ghost and a story you’re feeling for,
I am but a shadow that you’re hiding from,
I am but a pawn with a shoulder, to rest your head for,
I am but a guide and a stint you’re kneeling for.
A harbor in the casting sun,
A momentary lapse in concentration,
A reason for a moment to smile,
A season for a walk across the empty mile.
I see where you came from,
I see what you came for,
I see when you came in,
But I can’t see why you came to.
I, Me and another guy you see,
On the mirror in front of your screen,
The guy you talk all night in the shadows remaining unseen,
Talking about all, but to be honest about something you don’t seem very keen.