Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Then at night, my desires take me to another tier,
My insecurity creeps up and depression smothers me in fear,
Then again, I ooze poetry, I ooze stories,
Poems and stories about love lust and glories.
Mind hung up all with a struggle to come up with something new and bright,
I lose sight of my fear and my p assion takes over,
My insecurity loses its effect and I am drawn into secluded creative flight,
This has me ooze tragic love as ever and again I am no longer sober.
This cat and mouse story of fear, insecurity, tragic love and passion continues through my endless dreams,
I am indulged into this poetry and stories and I am drawn into your memories it seems,
Then I look up to the heaven and think about tomorrow,
The next thing I see is the sun shining on my face, I then wake up listening to the song of a tiny sparrow.
This is all that goes through my mind,
Everyday my activities are drawn into the same grind,
Look for eternal love and salvation,
Yet Stories and Poetry are all that I find.
Thank You for being kind,
And for looking away and thinking love and passion has made me blind.