Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Under the Influence of Passion and Tragic Love
When I wake up in the morning I see myself in the mirror,
I realize I am a new person all together and say in horror,
Was I sober last night?
I look back at my reflection and say I am alright.
Then as the day goes by, time flies by,
In memories of my love I drown deep and think about last night,
And ask myself did I die?
Is this even reality and check if I have your picture in my sight.
Love or infatuation? Whole day the question then haunts me,
I say either way you're my way of drawing unparalleled energy,
Utter silence, I retrospect my past and then I see,
I have come a long way and gather this different synergy.
And then as day yields dusk, I have new perspective on life,
I am driven by mad thoughts,
And soon as I realize I am already on the edge of deceptive knife,
Ones that yield surprise, creativity then ooze out from my guts.
Every now and then this creativity yields new creation,
I look up my notes and see there are new pages written,
I don't know what people think, but I ask myself, "Was I sober when I wrote this?"
The answer my friend is I was under heavy influence of passion and tragic love.