Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Now I see you and say you've left me in chaos.
Heavy hearted, sad minded, I walk alone wishing things were different,
If only I could change something, that would be five years back,
I would do and say what I didn't do then,
May be that way I would at least have my five years back.
But then who got you has won it all,
I tried to woo you and now I fall,
Gently I cry as he stands tall,
And I look waiting for my endless call.
Happy days, Ladies and Gentlemen.
It was a pleasure knowing you all.
I have two things of yours, a hat and a shawl.
You'll need it when you see I was there for you and now I am gone.
Wipe off your tears with them,
You will never know from where this poetry came.
From my Heart.
Love you all, wish you call.
A new tale will now start.
A gloomy one, where stars fall.