Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Lost what I was never meant to have
Long ago, I met you in my dream,
Dream became reality and you were my life's cream,
Even before I realized that I would say what I should,
Which I could then- given a chance now I certain would.
With eyes heavy now I cry amidst the lonely wind,
Who would listen to my trickling tears, my soul fears of crying out loud?
Inside I am weeping gently, as gentle as I was to you,
Fearing now that I would hurt you if I cried loud when you would hear me.
This is now, confused and sad, I have already lost my conscience,
Trying to figure out where I lost you, I realize I never had you,
I am no longer coherent; my mind has lost all patience,
I still am wondering if I can ever hold you.
I was always available which you never were,
I lost you early on when I didn't say what I said years after I met you,
You were someone else' before I even realized I was already yours,
Why didn't I say which I could have said days after I met you.
Now I look back and see you're already gone,
You're someone else', I am left with regrets and this song,
I met you amidst my life's biggest chaos,