Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

World raising battle
I was born free in this world engaging in battle of wit to find people, who fit,
I keep on going to find myself changing in this world unfit for people who sit.
Love to watch them dying, I can feel them crying but do they?
Hope I can see the sunny side chasing, the winds I am facing around in the world I stay
There are dreams I am raising like the winds I am chasing,
I feel my wings are changing; emotions are ranging from high to low.
I think to myself how would they know?
The world unholy, rage eating this world so slowly,
They are playing with people’s feeling,
Still the wounds are healing, fast and slow,
Can you see the glow in the faces of people of all races?
Still I walk this road wandering where they all go,
Before the morning sun casts its first shadow,
Do I hide below the dreams I am staging for the world engaging in battle since ages ago?
I answer this question with little doubt in retrospection,
I rise to the occasion, take the world to the right station,
Make them realize that it was the battle they lost,
Everyone will rise to face the battle at sight every day and night.
Peace at last, still people question the authority asking when they will know.