Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Life's Jaded but not yet faded
Life’s been full of hardship and sad longevity,
I thought you could bring out the best in me in this darkest hour,
But it is sad but true, events like these make life sour,
Life's identity and love devour.
Fill it in oh lady,
Why are you acting so shady??
Trying to woo you, now I am jaded,
Life has lost all goodness, the brightness has already faded,
You’re my inspiration, had been, are and will be,
Is it me, or thee I see losing all that I could free?
Yet undeterred I walk alone, first confronted sadness and then madness,
I thought it was over after you gave me the harness.
It was the only hope I had,
For love was the only hope I had,
Too bad, you're gone and now,
I have nothing to hold on to, except my loneliness and sadness.
Lastly, I think and still think I haven't said it all.
There's more I could have said, yet I fear, you will fall.
Far away in a distant land someone awaits you with love immense,