Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

The Corporate Showdown
Where the streets have no name,
They all look the same,
Lost in the middle of nowhere,
Someone show him what lies above fame,
Here I go,
Now you'll know,
See what I show,
How did he go?
Here, there, everywhere, call out the names of the people you know.
Take a path, choose where you want to go.
A corporate parasite made you what you are now.
The flight of the condor that you enjoyed
Now you're falling back like the left overs of a dead rat,
Taking a dip in the gutter, the great beyond, where you buoyed,
(Showing the seat) Isn't that the seat where you once sat?
Life's taken a different trail,
Taking you high and now you fail,
Where will you go, in which boat will you sail?
This is reality and not just a tale.