Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Walking along an empty isle, waiting for the elusive smile!
Life took a stroll in the unfamiliar terrain,
Took me to different dimensions, I never saw,
Fell for her, one who never saw me,
The clouds beneath the blue sky danced before men.
The identity was anonymous back then.
I fell for someone who never valued what was unseen,
I tried to change her, but it was an inevitable scene,
I danced around her, sang for her like birds do in spring,
Vagueness plagued me, I didn't know where I had been.
Then I walked around an empty isle,
I saw people but no smile,
Was it love or infatuation making me blind?
Having walked an entire mile,
I still see no smile.
I took her to pleasure isle,
Yet her sun did not shine,
The cloud still painted the sky white,
This gloominess still haunted my sight.
Walking around her, in chants I sang her name,
I changed my entire game,
Yet the things remained the same,