Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

The burden of life, not death but myself
There are times when you retrospect your past,
And yo u think it is time to relax.
Don't rush wait for me says time, time isn't your last.
You, then, after introspection of the state of your mind, say
Way way far away, headed in an unknown zone if you may.
Pray this isn't too late because it is your fate a nd you don't want to bait your life
Heading into an unknown zone, time takes you to a place where life and death have no meaning.
You think to yourself you aren't ready for commitment.
Heading into an unknown zone, you enter situations full of predicament.
Still long way to go, it may drag you so low that you say to yourself, "may you someday regret " this time you
Way way far away, you are heading into a zone where time and money have no meaning.
You are going far far way away, if I may say, “Let's say that you always have a feeling.”
In your life, he was nothing more than a mule.