Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

So don’t you think too much of him,
Don’t let your thoughts get in between,
You and your future,
Sing a song, may be a lullaby, go think of a beautiful scene.
Just don’t let the thought obscure you and your good will,
Stay strong and things will still,
Be better and sing a song that you want to feel,
Think of yourself; try to learn some good skill.
Future you have is bright and all you have to do,
Is to pursue,
A dream,
Something which is your life’s cream.
Stay strong,
Keep yourself from thinking wrong,
Hay days are just around the corner,
Don’t daze looking at your kitchen burner.
Feed your hunger,
Not just hunger for food,
Creativity burning inside on your will power’s fuel,
You will realize you’re better than him, and in your life, he was nothing more than a mule.
Go around find yourself,