Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Motivating Her
There comes a time when you lose everything you had,
You feel bad and a little broken hearted,
But don’t be too sad,
Someone better will come to you and a whole new story, you realize will have started.
But then don’t wait for things to happen,
Just go out and do the things you wanted to do,
But then you,
Have a habit to remain lost and a little blue.
Cold and shivering,
Feeling may be a little bit quivering,
May be you’ll get a little sick,
But don’t worry, things will get better in no time, it is quick.
Stay strong,
Keep yourself from thinking wrong,
Hay days are just around the corner,
Don’t daze looking at your kitchen burner.
But then it is easier said than done,
It might have been pretty fun,
To be with him, to see and know every day’s theme,
Yet, alone he left you with woes not less than ton.