Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

For Her
I can now write a whole story on the back of the things you said about the thing I posted here.
You are no storyteller but you're the story holder,
The morning sunshine when wakes up, tells you what I told her,
here and today, since yesterday and every day.
This is the story of a lady having got it all,
Yet lost everything and still wouldn't call.
This is the wrong story she says to all,
Flying high about her visit to her boyfriend's place,
Will she be happy I wondered if I gave her the shawl,
She tied up her shoes and got ready for the race.
Slowly steadily she glowed like the glorious sun,
We had fun, but then she left me saying she had to run,
Will she meet him as she dreamed of him,
or will he be one sad story like life's stories usually seem.
Walking high and wide, she strode to the unknown isle,
Thinking of being greeted by his wonderful smile,
Yet emptiness, she finds and thinks about the flashy hopes most girls pile,
Think again dear lady was this journey worth walking a mile?
Will it be an empty isle?
Will it lead you to forget your smile?