Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Be it the cozy pillow, warm blanket, cushy mattress and wonderful cover
I went in a stranger to the rural life
Came back feeling like one of them
I learnt how to use the traditional kitchen knife
I no longer want fame
I thought it was so lame for all the leaders alike to claim
That they feel the same pain
But realized it was all for money and good name
Someone needs to address these issues
Someone listen to their cries or else hear their stories in the news
May be the next great person will emerge from these dearth
And contribute to lives and save earth from these underprivileged who suffer since birth
We all live in a country in dire need of youthful eyes with dreams of great future,
A future that nurtures the needs of all, rich and poor, capable and disabled, him and her
I wished people heard my story and came back to serve our country in need,
Ones who take heed to their inner voice asking them to build a nation indeed.
Read people read, this story of unfulfilled deed!