Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Feeding the starved,
Holding those hopes with a thin falling rope
If you’re capable, you’ll understand the fable
This is a fable about a place where you don’t see roads where SUV’s roar
Across the fast lane
You don’t look down from your cozy room’s window pane
One where muddy farm covers the land beyond a small door,
The door that opens to a small uncomfortable shelter of a typical Nepali poor
This is the very shelter where dreams of bright futures are woven
Future that envisages a full course meal for the entire family
You feel a world beyond the senses of yours and mine
A world that only thinks about basic necessity
May be an occasional meal with fish soaked in brine
I went there with a cheer and hope of changing everything to wonderful and fine
The scene had me soaked in fear of my future,
I thanked the lord for all things fortunate it had bestowed upon me
I looked back at the good nurture and I was glad
And thought if only they had what I had
Would they be as fortunate as my parents’ lad?
I felt fortunate and felt a strong urge to share what I had in my cupboard,
Be it a book describing the decade long battle with guns and sword
Be it a packet of chips and noodle I stored in the drawer