Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Second Best
I talked to you today and it made me realize.
I have played second fiddle to everyone.
Even today I played second fiddle to you, I realize.
Every time I talk to you, time really flies.
The second I realize, it is time to bid goodbye,
I realize it has been a few hours since I said Hi.
But more than that I realized that there is nothing called best for me.
Has been a while, there is nothing else I can see.
Second best is what I can always be.
I talked to myself, I talked to you.
I talked to myself after I talked to you.
I said, I don’t feel the same for you.
I thought I cared no more but I never knew,
You’re still there obscuring my view.
I had you there, I had you when,
I never said to you what I should have said then.
I realized that and said again,
So it was me playing second fiddle even then.
I could have had you if I ever did,
Need you more than I do now,