End of the Age: Final Deception HTML version

Chapter 14
During the night, a high-pitched beeping noise crept into Jesse’s consciousness
before she heard Gabriel say, “Hello—Phillip.” She sat up in bed to see the bedroom door
close before realizing Gabriel had received a call in the middle of the night.
Pulling on her robe, she hurried quietly downstairs. She stopped to listen before
hearing Gabriel’s voice coming from the kitchen. He sat at the table with his head cradled
in his hand listening to his cell phone. “Is everyone okay,” he asked, sliding agitated
fingers across his forehead.
Jesse slipped into a chair at the table to watch Gabriel's face. She knew without
being told that he was hearing bad news. At the end of the short conversation, he snapped
his cell phone shut and sat back in his chair without speaking. His face was tense and
Jesse stayed quiet, giving him time to come to terms with whatever he had just heard. The
crack of Gabriel’s open hand coming down against the table sounded like a gunshot in
the room. Jesse stared at him wide-eyed until his chair scraped back.
Turning in her chair, she watched him pace the floor. After a few moments, he
stopped to look at her. His controlled, quiet tone relayed his anger and frustration more
than a raised voice ever could have. “That was Phillip Harbinger. The telecast has been
destroyed along with the production company.”
Her heart sank. Before she could ask, he said, “Fire.”
She closed her eyes to open them quickly. “Maybe the video wasn’t destroyed.”
“It was,” he said. “The building, the contents, everything was lost.”
Gabriel was still pacing the floor when a movement at the kitchen door caught
Jesse’s attention. Her head tilted sideways until she saw the Pastor’s head easing around
the opening. When they saw each other, they both breathed a sigh of relief.
Stepping into the room, the Pastor stopped to watch Gabriel a few seconds
before taking a seat.
Lacing his hands behind his head, Gabriel stared at the ceiling before looking
back at the Pastor. “There was a fire at the production company.”
“Was anyone hurt?”
Gabriel shook his head. “No.”
“Thank God for that,” the Pastor said before confirming what he already knew.
“The telecast has been destroyed.”