End of the Age: Final Deception HTML version

Chapter 13
Humbling herself before the Lord, Jesse became acutely aware of her position as
a sinner approaching the perfect creator of the universe. Her study of God’s
characteristics and names had given her a renewed sense of reverence for the God she
was desperate to reach. She whispered the name that came to mind, “El-Elyon, Lord
Most High.”
When the Pastor and Olivia joined them in prayer a few hours later, Jesse didn’t
look up. A sense of urgency kept them on their knees throughout the night and it was
early morning before the Pastor rose to his feet to say, “We are to tell the world that
Satan is deceiving the nations. God’s saints are confused and lifting up frantic prayers,
asking for answers and direction.”
Jesse’s eyes fixed on the sofa across the room. She couldn’t remember ever
feeling more tired than she was right then. On the sofa, she blinked, trying to focus blurry
eyes on the Pastor who was walking the floor mumbling.
Finally, the Pastor stopped to look at them and say, “Many have compromised
God’s word.”
Sitting down next to Jesse, Gabriel asked, “Jesse, are you okay?”
“Yes,” she answered, trying to focus on the Pastor as he started to pace again.
The Pastor picked up the Bible to flip through pages. “Daniel,” he said, running
his finger down a page.
“Maybe we should get some rest, Jonas,” Gabriel suggested.
The Pastor didn’t respond but kept reading before he looked up with widening
eyes. “When Daniel interprets King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, he says different sections
of the statue represent different kingdoms and eras. I should have seen this before. The
feet of clay mixed with iron represent the last age, this age.
Lines around her grandmother’s eyes were more pronounced than usual. She
sounded tired when she said, “Different people interpret those verses differently.”
The Pastor sat down across the room with the Bible resting on his lap. He lifted
his hand when he found the passage in the book of Daniel he wanted to read. “And
whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the
seed of men.”
“They,” Gabriel said. “Do you think they could be fallen angels posing as