End of the Age: Final Deception HTML version

Chapter 11
The evening was clear and warm with a few wispy white clouds scattered
overhead as they made their way along the path to the worship center. Walking between
Gabriel and her grandmother, Jesse looked up the path to see the Pastor lean in and say
something to Olivia. The glow on Olivia’s face as she looked up at her husband reminded
Jesse of how wrong her first impression of the couple had been. She realized now that her
misgivings about two people marrying so young had been unfounded. Jonas and Olivia
obviously enjoyed a mature love and strong marriage.
Absorbed in her own thoughts, Jesse almost bumped into Olivia when she
stopped in front of her. Stepping to Olivia’s side, Jesse stood staring. She couldn’t tell
how many people were packed in front of the worship center but it was more than she
would have ever expected. Feeling Gabriel’s hand at her back, she moved forward
through the opening mass as they made their way to front of the worship center where Dr.
Haynes stood on the top step holding a microphone.
Jesse stood with the others to watch the Pastor go up the steps to accept the
microphone. After leading them in a short prayer, he launched into the topic on
everyone’s mind. Tense faces began to relax when the Pastor said he did not believe the
aliens had come to destroy the Earth. Within minutes, those same faces clouded with
doubt when he shared his suspicion, fallen angels disguised as aliens returning to Earth to
plot deception and usher in apostasy. While the Pastor pointed to Biblical evidence to
support his reasoning, Jesse looked around to see dubious frowns disappear and heads
beginning to nod.
The Pastor’s voice carried across the crowd. “The Bible tells us before Jesus
returns the world will be like it was in the days of Noah. In the days of Noah, people
scoffed at God. Humanity ignored the warnings of coming judgment. People were
wicked, self serving and violent while justifying their own spiritual and moral decay. In
the days of Noah, fallen angels walked the Earth. Angels left their own realm to
cohabitate with women.” A hush fell as the Pastor’s words began to sink in. Jesse knew
what they were thinking, wondering. Would fallen angels again live with women and
have children?
No one moved as they waited for the Pastor to continue, to answer the question.
He looked out with a sober expression before saying, “I do believe fallen angels will
attempt to deceive the world. The lie will be so clever that even God’s elect will reel in
astonishment. I don’t know the course or method they will use, but I do know there will
be great apostasy. Many professing Christians will turn from the truth.”
Jesse heard her grandmother’s whispered words. “Lord, help us.”