End of the Age: Final Deception HTML version

Chapter 10
Three days sped by too quickly. Jesse never could have imagined a more
romantic setting to spend their honeymoon than the little cabin in the woods. She and
Gabriel splashed under a waterfall, swam in a pristine rock basin pool and watched
spectacular sunsets from a hammock. Gabriel was gentle and attentive. She would never
forget the soft caresses, tender kisses and whispered endearments they shared. Sighing,
she looked around the cabin. Maybe one day they would come back.
Moving forward on the seat of the ATV, she slipped her arms around Gabriel’s
waist. His hand covered hers before looking back to ask, “Ready?”
“Yes,” she answered, resting her chin on his shoulder. “I’m ready.”
The Sun was setting when they pulled into the backyard. The four-wheeler
stopped abruptly. “Stay here,” Gabriel said before racing across the lawn toward the door.
He was up the steps and inside the house before she realized there were no lights on in
the house. Swinging her leg across the seat, she started for the back porch before Gabriel
met her at the door. “Everyone is okay. The electricity’s off,” he said.
Jesse crossed the kitchen to give her grandmother a hug. “It’s dark in here,” she
said, looking across her grandmother’s shoulder to see the Pastor and Olivia coming
through the door.
The Pastor clapped Gabriel on the shoulder. “Glad you made it back safe.”
“Thanks,” Gabriel said, looking around the dimly lit room. “What happened to
the power?”
On his way to the kitchen table, the Pastor said, “Something’s wrong with the
power lines. Electricians from the shelter are working on them now.” Joining the others at
the table, Jesse could feel the heaviness in the room. The lantern cast a reddish glow on
sad faces around the table. She looked at Gabriel, noting his tense face. They both knew
there was more behind the somber mood than a temporary loss of electricity. The
stretching silence and long faces began to tell its own story before anyone spoke.
Something terrible had happened.
Unwilling to wait any longer Gabriel said, “What’s wrong?”
The Pastor cleared his throat without looking up. “The last newscast we saw
before the power went off reported David Patterson’s murder.”
The stunned look was still on Gabriel's face when he rose stiffly from the chair
to walk out of the room. Jesse looked around the table. “Who’s David Patterson?”