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End of the Age: Final Deception

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Published: 3 years ago

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A Christian story about faith, courage and love. Traveling two thousand miles across the country to be by her grandmother's hospital bedside, Jesse makes a startling discovery. Gabriel James, the man she spent years trying to forget, is staying at her grandmother's house. Even more disturbing is the reason. Her grandmother and Gabriel are working on a mysterious project as they prepare for the end of the age, the apocalypse. Stalked by strangers, Jesse becomes an unwitting pawn in a sinister scheme as she joins a small group of Christians determined to expose the plot of world deception, fallen angels returning to Earth disguised as aliens.

Just finishing reading, excellent.


Your Novel is absolutely fantastic. Scripure was followed very well and Gabrial's explanation of the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill is the first time I have seen it described in a novel - ever. I have been making the distinction for years for non-believers and new (and some not so new) Christians. The copy of the ebook I received had problems with punctuation marks. If the mark was anything other than a period it used a default of a square.On a highly biased note, this book, on a one to five scale, is at least a 5.5.

Jean Kleinhans

I have read your book twice now, following all the scriptures - in my humble opinion you are an exceptional writer. the storyline is excellent but God's word, His teachings and His promises are presented in the novel story line. As a lady of 75 summers, we truly live in the last days and this is evident in what is happening around the world where the evil one is very busy with corruption, fraud, and evil attempts on the poorer people who do not always have the energy and knowledge to fight.This a book I will be keeping in my library to delve into again and again. I thank God for His Presence while you were writing-may He always be at your side . Jean Kleinhans,ean

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Really great book I love this home green energy story.

Colleen Lush Williams

Very much enjoyed this book. Looking forward to another one.

Susan Longhurst

I loved this book. It is exceptionally written and gripping from the first page. This is truth taken from God's Word and put into novel form. Excellent!!!

Susan Longhurst

I am half way through this book and so far I find it is one of those books you don't want to put down. Very well written.


Definitely a page turner! Very much enjoyed the book, especially all the scripture references. A very well- thought out story. Thank you for sharing your imagination!

Delenia Hayes

Loved the book. Some of the things are so true to our life today. Makes a person stop and think about our world today.

Dottie Hall

Excellent book...loved the story and characters.

Lillie-Jeff Baum

excellent book, very well written, characters were believable and interesting, that I read it in one day.


Angela Kay

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