End of Gospel

In this book, I affirm that the New Testa me nt de nies itse lf in the sa me way as it de nies the Old Testa me nt. The
outcome of gospe l is the end of gospe l.
The meaning of gospe l is the direct opposite of what we thought it means.
What I Do Not Say
I do not sa y that the gospe l is wrong. It was a nd a lways will be right.
I do not sa y that I would cease to be lie ve. I be lieve just as before.
I do not sa y that the gospe l ceased to ha ve importance for us. It a lwa ys was and will be important.
Hard Questions
n this c hapter, I ra ised se vera l questions about Christia n re ligion whic h are hard to answer.
W h o I s B e t t e r ?
―Make my joy full…in humility, each counting others better than himself" (Phil. 2:1–3).
So we should c ount othe rs better than ourse lves.
But how can we count above us those who don‘t know the gospel? Are they better than us who know the gospe l
and live accordingly to it?
O n e H u n d r e d T h o u s a n d D o l l a r s
f o r S e x
Once I met with a ric h woman. She asked me to have sex with her. I said, ―Pay me one hundred thousand dollars if
you want to have sex with me."
A day later, she came with one hundred thousand dollars in a suitcase. Then I told her that I‘m a Christian and
would not ha ve sex for mone y.
Why I refuse d? Because in 1 Corinthia ns 6:9–10, it says, ―the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Don‘t be deceived…nor male prostitutes…nor thieves…will inherit the kingdom of God." A male prostitute is a
ma n who indulges sex for mone y. So I dec ided to not be a prostitute beca use it c ontra dicts to the New Testa ment.