Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Are you all going to be ok without eating this week?” she asked him,
stealing one of Allen’s chips.
“Yes, we all fed well before leaving. We’ll be good for a few weeks.”
“What about boredom?”
He chuckled slightly, “We’re good with that, too.”
“Sir?” one of the guards called down.
“Is it ok if he comes down?” Kyle asked Emily, and she nodded.
“Come,” he called up the stairs.
One of the new recruits came down the stairs, “Sir, there’s a weather
alert coming over the radio.”
“What kind of alert?” he asked, sighing.
“Just a storm warning… high swells, wind, and rain.”
“Ok,” Kyle thought for a moment. “We can’t go back to the island, and
it’s too dangerous to go to the mainland. We’ll just have to ride it out.”
“Is that safe?” Emily asked, frowning.
“Hopefully, we don’t really have a choice,” Kyle said, and headed up the
“Take it off,” Allen yelled, pulling at his life jacket.
“I said, no. Keep it on,” Emily told him before finishing her sandwich
and starting on the dishes.