Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

Kyle cut the engines to the yacht when they were far away from any
land. He sat in the captain’s chair and watched Emily. She was lying on
the chaise in her bikini, soaking up the sun. Allen played nearby with
one of the guards. He kept pulling at his life vest, something Emily
insisted he wore at all times.
Kyle turned his chair. From up by the helm, he could see the entire boat.
The guards were situated throughout the yacht. No one was getting on
board without one of the guards seeing them. The ocean was quiet and a
light breeze was blowing. He turned back to Emily. With the sunglasses
covering his eyes, he could secretly watch her. She was relaxed, not
quite asleep, but still enjoying being out on the water.
It was only an hour later that she sat up and pulled off her sunglasses.
She looked over at Allen, who was playing and smiled.
“Are you hungry?” she asked, getting out of the chaise.
“Peanut butter,” he said, and ran toward Emily.
“Ok, one peanut butter and jelly coming up.” She took his hand and
walked down into the main living quarters.
Kyle blurred into the room a few minutes later and sat by Allen.
“Is there anything you need?” he asked, looking at Emily.
“No, I think we’re fine,” she told him, and walked over to Allen with a
sandwich and chips. Emily sat down with a sandwich of her own and
started to eat.