Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“No,” Emily said, and stood up. She finished her coffee with shaking
hands, and then started packing.
“You’re taking your bikini?” Chevalier asked.
“I wanted some sun, am I not allowed?”
“No, that will be fine,” he said, fighting to control his jealous urge to ban
her from wearing it.
Emily sat in the helicopter and watched Chevalier disappear as they took
off for the Island. Allen was strapped in and laughing. He loved being
in the helicopter. Kyle and two of her guards were with her. The others
would arrive by Suburban the following day, and then they would set out
onto the Atlantic.
Allen fell asleep shortly after takeoff and Emily followed. She woke up
just as the pilot brought the helicopter down onto the castle’s helipad.
Kyle carried Allen into the castle and laid him down on Emily’s bed, and
she walked in after them.
“I’ll have Gordon bring up some lunch,” Kyle said, and left quickly.
Emily curled up by Allen on the bed and watched him sleep. She was
ready to get onto the yacht, away from attacks, away from the Valle and
the Encala. Gordon showed up a short time later, smiling brightly. He
set the trays down on the table and left.