Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Kyle, your turn.” She grinned.
He shook his head and took his shirt off, “Now what?”
Emily disappeared into the tack room and came back with a football,
“Time to play.”
The gathered heku all grinned and divided up automatically, shirts
against skins.
“I’ll be quarterback for the shirts… obviously.” She couldn’t help but
blush some, “Kyle will be quarterback for the skins. When we aren’t
playing offense, we’ll help with defense. The end zones are already
marked with my shoes.”
The heku looked at both ends of the lawn and saw shoes on each side.
Emily pulled out a quarter and turned to the skins team, “Call it.”
She tossed the quarter into the air as they called heads. She caught it in
her hand and looked, skins were going first.
“There’s just one tiny problem,” Kyle said as they lined up.
“What’s that?” Emily asked.
“We can’t tackle the quarterback… that’s kind of cheating.” He grinned.
“Oh right, well…” She tried to come up with a solution, “Then tackle
me, I’m tougher than I look.”
Kyle shook his head, “The Elder would kill us for that.”
She frowned, “He won’t even know.”