Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I’m calling a day off,” Emily said as they gathered for Cavalry training.
She’d had her cast off for a few weeks, and it was time to have some fun.
They all looked at her questioningly as she was in her black sports bra
and a pair of cut-off sweat pants that were rolled down at the top to fit
against her hips.
“You are?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes, can I do that?”
“Good… then line up,” she said, and watched as the recruits lined up on
the left and the Cavalry lined up on the right. Kyle went and stood by
“Ok… you,” she said, pointing to the first new recruit. “Take your shirt
He frowned slightly and then did as he was told.
“Ok, Mark,” she said, turning to the second Cavalry member, “Shirt off.”
Kyle looked at her oddly, not sure what she was up to.
Emily went through the two lines and every other heku removed their