Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“This one’s on you… it was still attached until a few minutes ago,” she
said, walking up to Chevalier’s side of the table. She set the ring down
in front of him.
Emily turned and left the room with Allen.
Chevalier picked up the ring and turned it around in his fingers. He
whispered, “Two weeks.”
Leonid nodded, “Two weeks to put it back on her before the bond is
completely severed.”
“Let the Valle have her. They have no idea how much trouble she
causes,” Damon said, and cringed when all three Elders growled at him.
“Try, Chevalier, don’t let this fight end it for you two,” Maleth said
“I’m not sure I can fix it,” he said, looking at the ring.
“Try,” Leonid said.
“Maybe Exavior is right. Maybe she’s not safe here with me,” Chevalier
“She loves you,” Maleth said softly. “She just needs reminded.”