Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I won!” Emily said, doing a small victory dance.
Kyle shook his head, “Had to do it, didn’t you?” he asked the fearful
“I’m sorry, it was so fast,” he tried to explain.
Emily smiled and went to Frank, “You can pick two guards… we’ll go to
dinner tonight.”
He grinned and nodded, “A deal’s a deal.”
Kyle was irritated that Frank seemed pleased at the outcome of the bet.
He made sure to keep an extra close eye on the heku. He also wasn’t
sure how the Elder was going to react to the prize in the bet. Chevalier
was a lot better at hiding his jealousy lately, but this was pushing even
his control.
“Put the horses up. I’ll meet you three at the Durango in an hour,” she
said, and ran into the palace to get ready.
Emily took a hot shower, excited at the thought she was going to go out
and have some fun. The palace was dull at times, and she missed going
out on the town. She dressed casually in a blue halter top and jeans. She
hoped the coiled snakes weren’t too outlandish for mortals, but it was