Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

Council was meeting today. They were swearing in a new Chief
Enforcer, someone named Damon. All she knew about him was that he
was another one of the „old ones’ and Chevalier had known him for a
long time.
Emily picked up Allen and threw him onto her shoulders as he giggled.
He loved to ride up there. She walked the short distance to the stables
and looked around, still no heku. The stable was also empty of horses,
except for Patra and Damnit.
Emily slipped a bridle on Patra and let her out of the stall. She kept
glancing behind her as she put on the saddle, cinched it, and then put
Allen up by the horn. Emily slipped her foot into the stirrup and swung
herself up behind him. She wrapped a hand around Allen’s waist and
held the reins with the other and then clicked her tongue, heading the
mare out slowly.
She had seen the rolling hills to the west of the city, but hadn’t had time
to explore yet. She tapped her heals against Patra and the mare broke
into a trot. The city was quiet during the day. Most of the business was
done in the protection of the night. She could still hear people talking
from behind their doors, and once in a while, she caught sight of a
curtain pulling to the side. She was a little irritated by the peeking, but
knew she was an odd sight for them.
After many turns and several dead ends, she finally found her way to the
green hills. She grinned and broke Patra into a gallop. She loved the
way the wind felt through her hair, and she could hear Allen laughing. It
was good to get the painted mare out on the open grass. She’d been
working hard getting the Cavalry ready, and hadn’t gotten to stretch her
legs in a while. The afternoon passed slowly as she explored the hillside
and talked to Allen.