Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“The ritual of pain takes more than just words. It takes power, and
someone is sending that across distances. If she can somehow use that
same method…”
Chevalier nodded, “Then she could turn the sender to ash.”
“She’s tried twelve times. She needs a break,” Chevalier growled.
“I’m ok, I can try again,” Emily said from the bed.
“He’s right, you need to rest,” Maleth said, standing up from the chair by
the fireplace.
“We all could use a night off,” Mark added, and looked around at the
fifteen gathered heku.
“I’m not taking medicine to make me sleep,” she said, frowning.
“It’s the only way to stop the attacks. You need a rest,” the doctor said,
holding the shot in his hand.
“Touch me with that thing and I’ll ash you again,” she glared.
The doctor took a step back. He remembered the pain of her fury.
“Emily, for me… please,” Chevalier asked softly.