Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Holy geesh,” Emily said, watching the new group of guards report for
Cavalry training. They were enormous. The seven came toward her, and
she couldn’t help but take a step back some. They looked like tall
bodybuilders hulking forward.
The seven current Cavalry members were with her. They were to watch
her and help train the new guards. They formed a V, with Emily at the
front and they watched the new recruits carefully.
Emily heard a familiar sound as they drew closer, the chink-chink of
spurs. She looked down and saw that the largest of the new recruits was
wearing spurs on his black cowboy boots. She wasn’t sure why, but for
some reason, this new group made her uneasy.
“Thank you for coming, my name is Emily and I’ll be helping you with
the horses,” she said, not stepping forward as usual. She watched them
carefully. Six of them watched her as she spoke, but the largest, the one
with spurs, wouldn’t look at her. She frowned slightly and continued.
“First off, will you remove your spurs please?” she asked, looking at the
one she nicknamed Tank in her head.
“No,” he said, watching above her head.
She frowned and then walked up to him. As she looked up to meet his
eyes, she realized exactly how tall he was. Emily normally didn’t let her
height hinder her, but as she looked into the eyes a good two feet above
her, she felt her resolve fading. She knew better than to show any kind
of weakness around the heku, so she squared her shoulders and put her
hands on her hips.
“Excuse me?” she snapped at him.