Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Em?” Chevalier asked, kneeling beside her. Her eyes were staring
intently at the floor.
“Please, don’t make me do that again,” she whispered, but the keen
hearing of the entire Council heard her.
“I won’t,” he said, and helped her stand up.
He wrapped his arms around her and turned to the others, “I’m taking her
They all nodded, watching Emily with compassionate eyes. They
understood how hard it had been for her, her love of the heku was well-
Chevalier led her out of the council chambers and looked back as the
Elders leaned over the desks to again look at the ash.
They stepped into their room and Emily immediately laid down on the
bed. Chevalier pulled the covers up over her and sat down beside her.
Silence filled the room and soon, Emily was asleep. He watched her,
amazed at how hard it was for her to kill. He found it easy, never
looking back, and never thinking twice when he brought justice by death.