Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Ok, I’ll drive from here,” she told him, and swapped Sam seats. Once
Allen was fed, she pulled back onto I-70.
Sam watched the hills turn to mountains and said nothing. He knew
asking again wouldn’t get him any information.
Emily turned off of I-70 and headed toward the ski community of
Breckenridge. She pulled over and took the envelope from her back
pocket. She opened it, hands shaking, and took out a map. She carefully
maneuvered past the mansions and ski resorts until she found the snow
covered road she was looking for. The Humvee came in handy as they
plowed through the abandoned road. She stopped and looked up when
the mansion came into view.
“Here we are,” she said, and stopped in front of the mansion. She then
pulled a key out of the envelope, “Stay here.”
Emily walked up to the house, slipped the key in the door, and opened it.
She soon found the garage and opened the door, waving Sam in. He
pulled the Humvee into the garage and she shut the door behind him.
There were four other vehicles in the garage, which was perfect. The
Equites knew she had the Humvee.
“Where are we?” Sam asked, looking around the foyer.
“Kyle’s house,” she told him, and headed up the stairs to look around.
Sam was shocked, “We’re staying in Kyle’s house?”
“He offered it to me years ago, in case of an emergency. There’s money
in here for us too. As soon as things calm down, we’ll buy a ranch.” He
noted how her voice cracked at the end.