Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Bring in Lady Emily,” Leonid said, and watched the guard open the
door. Emily walked in and looked around. She didn’t realize how many
were going to be present for this. She didn’t want this many heku to
know what happened. She was wearing the blue slip dress Margaret had
made for her, and it suddenly felt cold in the room.
“Please, take a seat,” the guard at the door whispered to her.
Emily looked one more time at the crowd, and then walked in to sit down
by Mark. She crossed her ankles and laid her hands in her lap.
“We will proceed if there are no objections,” Maleth said, and looked at
Emily when she raised her hand. “Yes, Emily?”
Emily stood up, blushing, and walked to Maleth. He leaned down and
she whispered into his ear, softly enough that the rest of the heku
couldn’t make out her words.
He stood back up and waited until she sat down again, “This is now a
closed trial. If you have no part of this, you will leave immediately.”
Emily watched her hands in her lap as the heku from the audience filed
out of the council chambers. When the last of the audience was gone,
Maleth stood up again.
“Are there any other requests?” he asked the three of them left.
“I call for a conflict of interest,” Kyle said to Maleth.
“On what grounds?”
“On the grounds that Elder Chevalier’s wife is involved. I ask that he
not be present.”