Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series HTML version

It’d been a month since they got back from the deserted island, and
Emily waited patiently for them to try Kyle. The date was finally set and
it was rumored that she would testify, even though she refused at first.
The Council gathered in their seats with a gloom, and the lights were
dimmed. It was troubled times when they had to bring one of their
highest ranking guards into a trial. The seats down below them were
filled with heku from the guard staff and the town. There were three
empty chairs sitting out in front of the rest, facing the Council.
“Derrick, bring in the accused,” Leonid said to the door guard.
The door opened and Kyle stepped in, still wearing his Captain’s
uniform. His hands were bound in front of him, and he walked over to
the chairs and sat down on the left-hand seat.
“The guards present on the island will be represented by Mark, bring him
in,” Leonid said, watching Kyle closely.
Mark walked in wearing his official uniform, with his head held high.
He sat in the middle chair.
Leonid turned to Elder Chevalier, “Do you wish for Lady Emily to be
present for this?”
Chevalier nodded.