Emotional Outlet HTML version

The following book that you have downloaded for FREE isn't your typical E-Book from Shane
Diamond nor is it a typical E-Book that you would normally find being released by 4E Inc, the
following E-Book is a mix of poetry that both rhymes and doesn't rhyme.
When Shane first stepped into poetry a while back he wrote to have a Emotional Outlet, however
as of March 1st 2007 he's actually been debating about putting the pen down and never writing
again because at times he feels that he has nothing more to say although with this one last
attempt at seeing if he has anything left inside him you will see through the following pages of
this E-Book.
I guess you can call this E-Book classic's reborn even though each and every bit of poetry that
you read in this E-Book is not old, but it certainly is new.
I hope you enjoy it, be sure to give it a rating and leave your comments about it as Shane
Diamond as well as everyone else at 4E Inc are interested in what you have to say in regards to
When it comes down to everything the emotions expressed by Shane Diamond can be a mix
anger emotions and confused emotions and any other emotions that gets conjured up inside of
Hope you enjoy
Shane Diamond -