Emma and the Minotaur HTML version

15 The Wizard and the Lightning
Emma was floating in light.
She was in a space without bounds. There was new knowledge inside her and she didn’t know how
it had gotten there.
One of the things Emma knew was that she was inside of the tree, and inside every tree, and that
this was the place where every creature had come from.
Another thing Emma knew was a song, but she did not know its purpose.
A third thing she knew was the tree’s real name, and Emma realized that being told this was
something very special and that she was privileged to hear it. The tree’s name was a song that was
impossible to sing, but he was known as Life, and Yggdrasil, and Iusaaset, and more.
A fourth thing she knew was that the tree had once been greater, but it had waned as all things, even
the trees, someday must.
A fifth she knew was that the tree’s twin was Knowledge.
Emma was not able to measure the passage of time in any manner. She tried to look at her watch
but she was only able to see the things that were shown to her. It was peaceful there, where she was,
and she became content to just float alone with her new knowledge.
A sixth thing she knew was that she would be betrayed, but not by whom.
The seventh thing she learned was a big thing that could not come to her all at once because it
would drown her. It had to be given to her a little bit at a time.
Emma saw the world like it had been long ago, before any animal ever crawled or walked upon it.
There were forests everywhere and they stretched from sea to sea. The planet was all green and blue
and it seemed to ripple as the wind brushed the tops of the trees and made them sway.
For a very long time the world was like this and so it would have remained but for the Lord of
It began on a day when a concept appeared. It was a new thing unlike any that the trees had ever
imagined. Among their forests, there came a creature who could move about by his own will, one that
could affect the world in the ways of his choosing. The creature was the Lord of Light.
The trees saw the concept and they were curious about him and imagined more like him. In the
light of the void they sang the new concepts, and they gave life to them, to the imitations of the original
It was in this way that the elves came to be, and the dwarves, and the unicorns, centaurs and
minotaurs, gnomes and goblins, and dragons and all the beasts and creatures that ever walked the earth.
They all came from the trees. They were birthed by their magic. They all came from the music.
The Lord of Light was the first and he ruled over all the creatures of the world.
A long time passed, and then everything changed with the arrival of a creature unlike any that had
existed before it. In an unprecedented, impossible event, both Life and K nowledge defined a concept
and contributed equal parts into it. The creature that came from this union was different. It was not as
strong nor as fast as many of the others but it was cunning and it had a freedom to devise its own
destiny in a manner that would prove devastating. While the rest of creation, save the Lord of Light,
had to abide by the will of the trees, these new creatures, human beings, could choose to follow their
own ways.
The reason for their independence was that no other intelligent creature could procreate like they
could, in the manner of the animals. The rest relied on the trees to replenish their number but the
humans could multiply among themselves. They soon spread throughout the world.
In time, the Lord of Light came upo n a human woman that he took as his wife. The woman became