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I wanted to yell at her and tell her not to do that again, but her child-like innocent
laughter kept me from saying anything. Each and every time she would take off , my heart
would race into my throat. But I knew that as much as I wanted those moments to last
forever, I couldn't always be there when she landed. I couldn't always stop her from
falling off and crashing to the ground.
“Judy!” That's my name, I think to myself, don't wear it out.
“Judy!” That's the big, fat judge calling my name.
“I'm not going to ask you again,” he pauses and I know he's going to ask me
again. “Can you stop ignoring me and explain why you think you're innocent?” His eyes
glow with frustration. He's not going to give it up and just gives me the stare down, which
really bothers me. It's not intimidating, just annoying. Besides, what's he going to do,
chase me down and make me answer? Yeah right, not with those legs he won't.
I stare back, I'm not as good at it though; I tend to just smile, distracting myself by
staring at his ness. His fatness, his annoyingness, his hairiness. There's a lot of ness going
on with that man.
“Sir, my client here does not wish to answer and has already pleaded the fifth.”
That's Cindy, my attorney. “Maybe you should buy some hearing aids,” she scoffs to
herself before impatiently stating. “She's been interrogated and tried several times. There
is no real evidence.”
Cindy is the only person I truly have left on my side, not counting my sister—
wherever she may be. Cindy has been trying for months now to get me out of this god-
forsaken place. Like I said though, pointless. I've told them what happened. She told them
what happened. No one cares what-