Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Prayer for Healing
Lord God, here I am in front of you, bringing my cry
before your throne of glory. Let my voice be heard. You
are my Creator and the doctor of my body and soul. You
know the deepest and the most hidden parts of me. You
know how each of them functions and how they all work
together to maintain the gift of life and make me who I
am: a living being, a miracle of your creation.
You also know when something doesn't work as well as
it should and all the pain and suffering caused by the
?aws in my frail body. You made me fragile and
vulnerable but you also gave me an inner strength
beyond words and a stubborn will that does not yield to
the challenges of life. Let me use what I have good in me
to overcome the bad. Let me discover new ways of
?ghting the pain and overcoming the suffering.
My Lord, my Father, lay your almighty hands on me and
touch me with your healing touch. Repair old damages,
heal new wounds, cure and restore me. You are my only
hope and I will not let go of it. As long as I have a grain
of faith, let my voice raise up to you, let my cry pierce the
sky and break the barrier of time and space. Forgive me if
I am too daring, but my heart urges me to come boldly
before you and ask you for a miracle.